Capital Project Management

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Considering we work within a multitude of facilities, we proudly serve as advocates for our clients and offer institutional expansion and renovation expertise when necessary. We will help you save time, avoid hassle and most importantly, be conscious of budgets.

Improving the facilities we serve

Run by our Facilities Management Systems (FMS) division, Capital Project Management ensures compliance with state regulations, increases productivity, and improves quality and effectiveness while managing costs.

  • Facilities Planning and Feasibility Studies: We identify various options for planned improvements and impartially evaluate the benefits of each option before a decision is made.
  • Master Facilities Planning: We analyze potential costs associated with building repairs, renovations and future construction to prioritize an action plan.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis: We determine the remaining life cycles and costs of specific building elements to ensure an accurate budget for future repairs or replacements.
  • Program/Project and Construction Management: We represent you through the pre-construction and construction phases of major facilities improvement projects. We monitor and manage critical elements of the planning and design process, budget adherence, quality assurance and the construction progress for each prime contract.
  • Owner’s Representation: We provide the project oversight as your advocate for major capital improvement programs for building renovations, expansions and new construction.
  • Community Engagement: We assess the impact of local planning, zoning, and building codes as related to facilities improvements, and inspire the community’s interests in master planning.

With over 40 years of experience, allow us to help your institution grow.

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